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Check out Kate’s Sports Shorts! Each week Kate brings you two kinds of sports shorts! One is a column in a weekly sports paper and the other is a radio "Sports Short"... 

IN PRINT: Kate is a regular columnist for “The Sports Page Weekly”. Her column "Sports Shorts" has become a favorite with Cowboy, Ranger, Stars, Mavericks and sports fans of all sorts in Dallas for her tongue and cheek look at the highs, lows and outright blunders by the Athletes, Owners, Managers and Coaches in the Metroplex.

ON THE AIR: Lots of radio stations count on Kate's unique perspective on the world of sports and trust her to deliver top-notch sports information in her weekly audio minute. Kate calls em' like she See's em' which is why she often travels with her beloved attack dog Mahalo. A ferocious Golden Retriever who can sniff out sports fans seeking an audience with Kate aka the Sports Princess to argue their points of view.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Sports Shorts - College Hoops! Kate Delaney 1227
2 Sports Shorts - Adrian Peterson Kate Delaney 1440
3 Sports Shorts - Fining NBA Players Kate Delaney 1408
4 Sports Shorts - College Football Poll Kate Delaney 1427
5 Sports Shorts - Mother Nature Kate Delaney 1430
6 Sports Shorts - Nascar! Kate Delaney 1483
7 Sports Shorts - The Ryder Cup Kate Delaney 1523
8 Sports Shorts - Endorsement Dollars Kate Delaney 1459
9 Sports Shorts - The Star Spangled Banner Kate Delaney 1463
10 Sports Shorts - Soccer Kate Delaney 1630
11 Sports Shorts - More on the Olympics Kate Delaney 2457
12 Sports Shorts - The Olympics Kate Delaney 2464
13 Sports Shorts - Presidents Cup Kate Delaney 2496
14 Sports Shorts - NYC Marathon Kate Delaney 2713
15 Sports Shorts - World Series Kate Delaney 2488
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