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Ebola too Close to Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Delaney   
Sunday, 12 October 2014 14:35
How do you stop the largest Ebola epidemic in history? Right now scientists are working round the clock to develop something, anything using a variety of experimental drugs on patients. Hurry! At least 4,000 people have died and the World Health Organization confirms at least 8,300 cases of Ebola. Keep in mind the epidemic started in March.
Living in Dallas, Texas almost every conversation starts with something related to Ebola. Thomas Duncan who died last week brought Ebola with him to the city from Liberia. The West African nation is one of a handful of areas in the region where most of the deaths have occurred from this brutal virus.
We all know the story of Duncan's first trip to the Dallas hospital where he was sent home with a handful of antibiotics. What happened or what didn't happened is being investigated. Now the news today that a nurse treating Duncan with full protective gear as required by the CDC has tested positive for Ebola.
Just how far will this virus spread? Let's be honest anything diagnosed outside the hot zone of West Africa is worrisome. Yes, Duncan came from an Ebola plagued area and the virus incubated inside of him. Was he an anomaly? Most of us live thousands of miles away from the Ebola ravaged areas but tell that to the family of the nurse in Dallas or others still being monitored for signs of Ebola.
Last Updated ( Monday, 20 October 2014 00:50 )
Lemons to Lemonade in the Air PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Delaney   
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:03


  Sometimes old chunk is worth holding onto and the F-22 is a perfect example. Yes, you are looking at the World's most expensive jet. Did you know that 188 of these bad boys cost the taxpayers $421 million dollars for each one? It's true! The jets were originally contracted at $139 million a piece and Lockheed Martin was going to produce 648 million.

Thank goodness former Defense Secretary Robert Gates cut the contract for what turned into a flying lemon. The biggest problem a faulty oxygen supply system. Pilots got woozy and one even died in 2010.

This story has a happy ending. After much work on the fleet this priceless piece of ingenuity finally lived up to its billing. We took some for a spin just the other day hitting supersonic speeds, flying faster and farther using all of its cutting-edge radar and sensors we surprised the enemy.

Did you see the image of an Islamic State command and control building literally having its roof blown off? Yes, the F-22 was used in that hit, taking out the communications systems in Raqqah. Sometimes you just have to wait for it and while it took forever she proved her worth. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:16 )
Different Plan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Delaney   
Monday, 04 August 2014 16:56

Kids Crossing Mexican BorderThe first of three government shelters will close maybe as soon as Friday. Children caught crossing the Mexican Border alone have been housed at three bases including Fort Sill in Oklahoma, it'll be the first one to stop taking kids.

Health and Human Services Department also announced that Shelters in Texas at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland and in California at Naval Base Ventura County-Port Hueneme will wrap up operations in the next two to eight weeks. About 7,700 children had been housed at the three military bases since shelters there opened in May and early June. They stayed about 35 days at a cost of $250 a child. What's next? We'll talk about it tonight on the show. What should happen to the children? Call 855-266-5283 and add your two cents.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:45 )
Gaza - Israel Crisis Boils Over PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Delaney   
Sunday, 13 July 2014 23:48

 Israel is sending a clear message - we want Hamas. Israeli troops dumped leaflets in Northern Gaza on Sunday telling people to move away from Hamas sites to avoid being hit by military strikes. So far 172 people have been killed in Gaza and more than 1.200 people injured. The United Nations says 70% of the deaths were civilians and 30% were children. Sadly, Hamas uses the people as human shields putting the people at Gaza at risk every day. We'll talk about it tonight on America Tonight.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:45 )
The Supreme Decision today will send shock waves PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Delaney   
Monday, 30 June 2014 08:37
Today's Supreme Court's decision on Birth Control will either be a massive blow to Obamacare or a huge victory. Money and morals are the heart of the Hobby Lobby case. The company's billionaire chief David Green says his company follows biblical principals and cannot pay for certain birth control.

At the heart of its case are specifically two types of morning after pills and two IUD's among the more than 20 contraception methods on the market. Can an employer cite religious beliefs as a reason to limit an employee's access to birth control? We'll find out today. Weigh in tonight over the decision on the show.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 July 2014 19:34 )
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